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InventSAI Scam

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InventSAI: A Scam or a Reputable Company?

The first thing an inventor wants to do when they have an invention idea is take it to market! A natural first step in this process is to find a good company who can guide them through the patent and marketing processes. InventSAI includes a team of registered professionals who specialize in guiding individuals and small businesses through these steps!

Is InventSAI a scam or reputable company?

The InventSAI team includes multiple licensed Patent Agents and Patent Attorneys who have extensive knowledge regarding the patent filing process. Once an inventor decides to look for a company to work with, they want to be sure that this company will make the best of their invention.  Inventors should only seek out companies with licensed legal professionals.

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How Can Ad-Gen Help Me?

  • Extensive Industry Contacts
  • Personal Attention
  • Coordinated Marketing Strategy
  • Trade Shows & Test Marketing
  • Affordable Pricing

How can I tell a good company versus a scam?

Some companies will only help you to file a patent while claiming that they do not give any official legal advice or guidance. Unlike these companies, the work produced by InventSAI comes from a seasoned staff which includes registered patent agents, patent attorneys, professional engineers, skilled draftsmen, and marketing experts.

 What about InventSAI scam reports?

The best way to judge a company is by the level of services that they offer. InventSAI gives detailed legal opinions and step by step instructions. This starts with a confidentiality agreement before your idea is even looked at. Our company also reviews all ideas and will give a free suggestion as to what kind of research should be pursued for each individual inventor.

What is the difference between InventSAI and scam companies?

The patent process is then handed off to our team of professional legal and engineering experts. A professional engineering evaluation and patent search allow us to provide specific feedback to inventors about what steps to take going forward to ensure that they will receive a quality patent down the road. Our team of engineers, artists, and legal experts are always available to give specific advice to each client.

 InventSAI scam versus reality?

InventSAI offers even further comfort to our clients by the depth of the services provided in each of our contracts. Our inventors drive our business, and each step taken is ultimately decided by the inventor with the information and advice provided by our experts. This process lasts from research all the way up to marketing. For examples of some of our completed projects, check out this web page: