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Ad-Gen's Philosophy

It takes one to know one.

It's an important decision to choose the right people to work with at every step of the process of getting your invention idea into people's hands. There are plenty of marketing agencies who work with existing companies, but not so many who focus exclusively on entrepreneurs and inventors in the US and Canada. Ad-Gen is made up of a number of people who aren't just excellent marketers and product developers, but who are inventors themselves. Some of our employees have products in various stores such as Dick's Sporting Goods. We approach your invention from a standpoint of knowing how it felt to be right where you are—in your shoes—and what we did to gain success.

We know the situation you're in. We know the frustration, and we know solutions and tactics that work.

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How Can Ad-Gen Help Me?

  • Personal Attention
  • Comprehensive Marketing Strategy
  • Long-Established Industry Contacts
  • Affordable Pricing


Sometimes it IS who you know

Your product has a better chance of getting into the market if you know someone in the business. Ad-Gen has developed working relationships with numerous people in all facets of product distribution. We'll leverage our extensive rolodex of industry contacts that we've developed over many years to get your patent-pending product to market. They know we bring good ideas to market and are more likely to entertain the idea of getting your invention on their shelves than if you approached them on your own. get started »