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Success Stories: Spotlight on Skateboards

XBoard Illuminator


Situation: Inventor Scott C. developed an under lighting system for skateboards and had moderate success selling them through his website. Looking to grow his business, he submitted unsolicited samples to several sporting goods chains and left numerous follow up messages with the buyers, but never received a response. Through a friend, he found out about Ad-Gen and utilized our marketing services.

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Task: To get XBoard Illuminators placed in to Sporting Goods stores and E-commerce sites.

Action: We researched the category to see what items Scott was competing against, where his product fit in the marketplace and how the retailer would benefit by carrying his item. Through our contacts we talked to the buyers about the product and secured an appointment to present the XBoard Illuminator to them. We then developed and presented a custom presentation tailored to the retailer about the XBoard Illuminators.

Result: Several major Sporting Goods chains including Dick's Sporting Goods and Dunham's as well as numerous E-Commerce retailers are selling the XBoard Illuminators!

XBoard Illuminator and StreetGlow Skateboards available now at:


StreetGlow Skateboards:


Situation: Inventor Jack P. was selling his lighted skateboards to independent skate shops utilizing distributors. He wanted to expand his business in to traditional sporting goods stores and their e-commerce sites, but was unable to get the attention of the buyers. After meeting XBoard Illuminator inventor Scott C. at a trade show and hearing of his success with Ad-Gen, he quickly utilized our marketing services.

Task: To get StreetGlow Lighted Skateboards placed in to Sporting Goods stores and E-Commerce sites.

Action: We went to local skate shops to learn about the industry and what the skating community thought of the StreetGlow boards. We then studied the Skateboard category at various sporting goods retailers to understand who the players are, the key price points and where StreetGlow boards would best fit. With all of this information, we discussed a plan of action with the inventor where we agreed to target one key sporting goods retailer along with several E-Commerce sites. We then developed and presented a custom presentation tailored to the retailer about StreetGlow boards.

Result: StreetGlow boards are now available on several major E-Commerce sites and will soon be available in a major Sporting Goods retailer.

Of course, each invention is unique and this is not a guarantee of your success.