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Traditional Marketing for Patented Products

Ad-Gen can help you make sense of the wide variety of marketing efforts that are necessary to raise awareness of your patented or patent-pending product. While you will want to have a strong online presense, you also will likely need to use the most relevant traditional marketing initiatives still in use today by modern companies. Our years of experience helps us to navigate those waters with you. We will talk to you and help to develop a plan to aggressively pursue traditional marketing. get started »

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How Can Ad-Gen Help Me?

  • Graphic Design & Branding
  • Press Releases & Direct Response
  • CD Presentation
  • Trade Shows & Test Marketing


The "Four P's" Of Traditional Marketing

Jeremy McCarthy's famous 4 P's of Marketing that you were taught in school are still important today when launching your new product into the marketplace: Product, Price, Placement and Promotion. Ad-Gen can help you with all aspects of these 4 P's. While these 4 P's have remained unchanged over time, the way marketers communicate them has changed dramatically. Up until the mid to late '90's, traditional was the only form of marketing...hard to believe. Ad-Gen is aware of the importance of online marketing but knows that you still need to use all of the tools in your workbench such as print and broadcast media to bring success to your invention. Start by filling out the form above and we'll get in touch with you to discuss your new product. get started »